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Pegleg crowd-sources full-length movies from YouTube

Pegleg was made for film-lovers. It's a community-based approach to watching great films and giving back to your fellow cinephiles. It helps you find films on YouTube and share them with the rest of us. Watch the films you love, discover films you never knew about and Pegleg films you find along the way.

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Q & A

How am I supposed to go through all of these movies?
There are a few ways to browse through the movies on Pegleg:
  1. The landing page shows all of the films that were Peglegged, with the most recently added first. Go explore!
  2. If the landing page is a bit overwhelming, you can narrow it down by using the Filters at the top. They allow you to filter by Director, Genre, Decade, Country and Language.
  3. Finally, if you know the film you're looking for you can use the search box at the top to go directly to it and see if anyone's Peglegged it yet (and Pegleg it yourself if not!)
You can also follow Pegleg on Twitter, Tumblr or via RSS to get notified whenever new films are Peglegged.
How do I submit a video for my favourite film?
First of all, we call that Peglegging. There are two ways of Peglegging a film:
  1. Search for a film in the search bar at the top of the site. When you land on the film page for the film you're looking for, if no one's Peglegged that film before, you'll see a sidebar on the left full of search results from YouTube customized for your film. Clicking on each result will load the video so you can check it. If you find a video that really is the film, just give it a 'Yes' vote and you've just Peglegged your first film!
  2. If the search results aren't quite right and you've found the link to the video by searching on YouTube, just hit the Submit a link button in the sidebar of the related film, paste the link and submit.
The video submitted for a film is totally wrong! How do I help get rid of it?
If there's a video Peglegged for a film and it doesn't belong there, you can help out. Click play to load the video then vote NO beneath the video where it asks "Is this video actually [film title]?". After enough 'No' votes the video will be removed automagically.
There's a film missing / some of the info is missing/wrong for my favourite film. How do I fix that?
All of the film info is provided by TMDb. If you want to improve their database, you just need to make an account with them and fill in the missing details.
I found a great movie but it's broken up into parts. What do I do?
Just add any one part of the movie and we'll automtically find the rest and put them in a playlist. It works most of the time, but in cases where the titles of the parts aren't all the same, it'll just add the one part you've submitted (so it's best to add the first part, just in case).
Can I Pegleg TV shows?
Not at the moment. If there's a lot of demand and time allows, we'll work on adding TV shows to Pegleg.
Doesn't Pegleg just make it easier for these movies to be removed from YouTube?

We need to accept and embrace the elastic nature of the YouTube offering of films, which is a big part of what makes Pegleg exciting and fun to use.

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All movies featured on Pegleg are hosted on YouTube. If someone has uploaded your content against your wishes, you can submit a copyright complaint. Once the video is removed from YouTube, it'll be removed from Pegleg automatically the next time someone tries to watch it.

Still have questions?

You can get in touch with me on Twitter and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I'm Mina Mikhail, an engineer, designer and cinephile living in Toronto. I'm currently working at Shopify. Check out my other film-related project, TIFFR.